W e l c o m e

My name is Jacqueline the writer behind this space.  Welcome !
It is an honor to have you here. This place is created to empower and encourage you, no matter your station in life. My favorite kind of people are life long learners, and lovers of beauty and truth. If you are still reading We likely have many things in common.
I am wife to one…
He is neat,  I am messy creative.
He sleeps when he needs to rest, I sip a double shot latte.
He Packs for trips, I just buy the necessities when I get there.
I read the fine print on everything, He reads everything on ESPN. 
We certainly are not perfect but our God grace that we enjoy this incredible gift of marriage.

I am the Mother to four…
I get to nurture, give without reservation, forgive daily, ask for forgiveness constantly, and grow without judgement.

I get to Believe despite what I can see, pray without ceasing, receive grace , give grace learn to love unconditionally , and get loved abundantly. I Sometimes Feel afraid, but face the fear, act in courage, am brought to my knees and get up each and every day and to do it ALL over and over again.

Motherhood has humbled me in ways I never thought I needed.

For that I am Grateful. 

I am a Home Educator…

There are so many reasons we chose to Home Educate our children during this season of life. It is a wonderful but challenging journey. 

If I can help you on your journey or if you have any questions for me. Please send me an email. Mukweto (at) gmail (dot) com
My Goal on Mukweto  (MKO ) is to share Beauty , joy and Truth with you. Enjoy the journey!

For more  find me on
Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagram

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