Gentle Answers

I know that God is not running for God.  However, sometimes I act like he has to prove himself to me. It’s really foolish I know. I need to learn to  take him at His word. Always.

Thankfully He is gracious and allows me chance after chance to remember his word, apply it to my life, and BOW! Its true..He word is true!!!

Here is a really small small example:

I happen to have a painfully difficult individual in my life. Every time this person comes and verbally attacks me, I usually respond with the same level of intensity. (Not a good Idea)

One day I came across this verse for the millionth time and decided to finally put some obedience to it by  applying  it.

The verse is:

A soft answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger. (Proverbs 15:1 ESV)

That is just what I started doing when I needed to interact with this *E.G.R.  individual.

*(extra grace required)

I  decided to always respond with gentleness, in an understanding way and softer tone of voice. The person may still hold to their view but peace is quickly restored.

Now, I am not saying that doing everything God’s Word commands  will always bring immediate ease and comfort in life, but In this instance it calmed the beast. The one in me and the one in the other person.

God word is True not because it worked for me but because it is TRUTH.


One thought on “Gentle Answers

  1. That was such a great post! I found the same thing recently in dealing with an E.G.R. individual at my job! I found that it really does make dealing with this individual easier if I respond in the way that I would like to be responded to. Thanks for the encouragement today!

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