G for Go

” Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15

If you are a follower Jesus we are given the important task of going into all the world to tell others the good news. Also known as the Gospel.

What is really interesting is that sometimes people can start to believe, only  the missionaries going to other countries, or into neighborhoods less fancy than our own can preach the good news.

It always breaks my heart when I hear people in Christian circles talk to about he “poor”  inner city people who do not know Jesus. Not realizing that the guy in their elite country club does not either.

Knowing the good news of  Jesus and believing it does not look a certain way. Someone knowing Jesus is not going to necessarily have a nice car and a six figure income. They might, but they might not.

If you are ever tempted to think that the people who live in a smaller home, in a less attractive neighborhood, or less prestigous job, do Not have faith in Jesus and his sacrifice on the cross.


Faith does not have a skin color, zip code or an income level.

If you fall into the category of Follower of  Jesus then you are given the clear instruction to go.

Go into YOUR neigborhood,

Go to YOUR job,

Go to YOUR friends,

GO to YOUR park,

Go into the world, every part of the world is included.

Wherever there are people go and Love, Live and Share the Good the news.

-Let’s GO!


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