A to Z challenge Reflections

The A to Z challenge is over.

I like putting myself through the challenge knowing that life will happen and I might not complete it the way I would like to.

Many Good things came from this challenge.

1. Blogging various Scriptures from the bible reminded me that, if you Seek the Lord he is good and will be found, and how much I really enjoying reading God’s word. This challenge was spiritually refreshing.

2. Having a team this time around for the challenge was also a great thing. I met some really great bloggers and enjoyed getting feedback from my readers.

The only thing I did not enjoy is that some days the topic felt forced because I had nothing pressing on my heart or mind to write about.

Overall a great challenge!

If you have thoughts on the a to z challenge leave it in the comments!




8 thoughts on “A to Z challenge Reflections

  1. Very nice theme, the scriptures. I’m just finding you through the A-Z challenge, so I will return to look over your Challenge posts. The only down side of the challenge for me was finding so many blogs and I want to view and not having the time to do it! My reflections post is up in case you want to see it. Clicking my name will take you to my blog Nice to find you!

  2. I have never heard of an A to Z scripture challenge, sounds interesting. I’ll have to look back through your posts 🙂 Visiting from SITS Spring Fling!

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