Change: To make different, to replace with another

Change is something I have always enjoyed.

A new town, a new face, and wardrobe , a new route, a new language.

Change has never bothered me at all!

While I like change and spontaneity I noticed that it has masked the  lack of discipline in my life.

Sometimes change comes about at the exact moment when I am getting bored with something and I do not want to see the thing through to its end. And like an early Christmas gift Change comes to my rescue….. and I HAVE to bring whatever boring thing to an end.

It’s pretty nice.

But lately change has not come around as much. and now the consistency of life is exposing many areas of weakness I need grace to change and grow in.

I still enjoy change.

Now I pray for the Grace to live well when there is no change in site.

-desiring His grace


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. It seems we are just the opposite. I tend to dislike change. But it happens, nonetheless. I guess we need to be open to change but also be open to persevering in the same.

    Good thoughts on change.

    Blessings and love,

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