10 Reasons you should be drinking Coffee

I call my coffee candy Coffee. Because I add butter, coconut oil, and Hazelnut or Caramel flavor to my coffee. I never have it black.
Latte MugSo here are the reasons you might want to drink coffee if you don’t already!

10. It gets blood flowing in the morning. Exercise or some Yoga is certainly Ideal  for getting blood flowing, however not all mornings work out so beautifully.
9. Coffee can take a headache away.
8. A little Coffee (black coffee) can help reduce the risk of certain diseases like gout, Type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Take care of the body friends! **
7. Its Cheaper than a nanny, or personal assistant.
Let me tell you a nice hot grande sized double shot Latte keeps me sharp, attentive, chipper, creative and energetic. I can keep up with child 1-4, organize, hang with the husband after work, cook for the family, clean up, keep laundry going, and have some fuel left for late night crafting! ( ok, so that can’t go on for days without a severe crash and burn but if you have a full day it helps!)
6. Soothes Menstrual cramps! Enough said!
5. Everyone’s drinking it!

4. If you are like me and don’t like to drink milk its a great way to get a little extra calcium in your diet.
3.For the Coffee shop Experience. Local shops are the very best! Find one in your town and support them.
2.The right Candy Coffee creation tastes so good! I recommend mint white chocolate mocha or a coconut and hazelnut latte.
1. Some of the most memorable conversation are had over a cup of warm goodness. It is an inexpensive way to treat a friend and have rich conversation!
Hot or Cold? Candy or Black? How do you like your Coffee?

**Disclaimer: I am not a medical Doctor. This information should in no way be considered or used as medical advice.

One thought on “10 Reasons you should be drinking Coffee

  1. Despite the many benefits of coffee, there are those who firmly believe that coffee is bad…my response is that. The real problem is with what you put in the coffee…

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