Indoor Workouts for Rainy Days

I’m going to keep this brief. I found a great way to keep in shape during the winter months. No equipment required,no gym membership or going outside for that matter. It’s fun because Each workout has a word associated with it. Each word is a character trait that I will focus on for those few days. Every 3 days I will post the new word and new work out. This should be fun! Follow on Instagram for pictures of results.

Join me or share this with someone you think would like it! If you join in share it with me I am @mukweto on instagram and twitter. Here we go!!

AttentivenessHere is the workout:

A- 50 Jumping Jacks

T- 15 Squats

T-20 mountain climbers

E-1 min wall sit

N-25 Burpees

T-15 sqauts

I- 30 jumping jacks

V- 3 min wall sit

E- 1 min wall sit

N- 25 Burpees

E- 1 min wall sit

S- 30 Burpees

S- 30 Plank Jacks

That’s it! Did you do them all? I hope so!!

Homeschool Moms this could be a mini P.E. program kids can do this to! Leave me a comment when you finish and post a picture of you doing the work out! Leave your social media handle in the comments below and I will follow! Thanks for working out with me do this same workout each day for the next 3 days and I will see you wednesday with a new workout and new word!


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