Learning to organize

When you saw the word organize did you immediately think of organizing the material items in your office, laundry room or closet? Most tend to think of those things. They are all important but I also find taking time to organize thoughts, ideas, dreams and goals just as important. Take time to write them down , create a plan and take action. All the best!

YEsOrderlinessO- 40 jumping jacks

R-25 invisible jump rope

D- 15 push ups

E-20 Butt kicks

R-15 push ups

L-2 min wall sit

I-30 jumping jacks

N-25 Burpees

E- 1 min wall sit

S-20 second plank

S- 30 Burpees

What are you getting in order this week? Do you  have organization tips, please share below.


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