Faith and Fitness

faith (1)

Growing in this. Unfortunately sometimes I get severely shaken. Not because God has not been faithful or that he is not mighty. Shaken because I look at my weakness and forget that He is STRONGER than I.

F- 10 Burpees

A- 50 Jumping Jacks

I-30 Butt Kicks

T- 15 squats

H- 20 Squats

Easy day! Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner!


2 thoughts on “Faith and Fitness

  1. I hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving! Danielle and I are back in TN for now. . still hoping to move up there around the middle of December, so needed to read your great definition of “FAITH”–Thank you for that! Bob comes back from working in Atlanta Tuesday night and he said he is going to have a day of fasting and prayer on Wed. and then he said he is going to make a decision on a house for our family up there. We just have not had peace from the Lord over past 2 weeks we’ve been looking. . We put in 2 offers but were not accepted and could not go higher . . . maybe we just need to ACT in faith and the peace will follow! ❤ to you and my favorite "cheer girls" Elexia and Eliana!! 🙂 Sure was a blessing meeting you and your dear family!!

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