Fro Fit Mom Kit Review


I am a mom on the go. I also have naturally kinky curly hair. With my hair type Any activity like working out, could potentially create hours of work on my hair and that is never desirable . However, working out and maintaining my hair are both necessary .

The struggle to stay fit and stay on top of hair care can be discouraging. When a simple work out Creates a post workout hair extravaganza ! I think We can all agree, as moms on the go, we truly have no time for that!

So, When I heard about Heather of FRO FIT MOM and the kit she was creating I was thrilled and relieved!

No more hunting for natural , easy to use products. Just a convenient package right at my door. Win. Win. Win!

I received a Fro Fit kit free for review and I wanted to share my experience with you!

First the packaging was sturdy and bright. Getting a bright package in the mail, just for me , made my day!

Every product inside was protected with fun confetti and matching tissue paper. You can kinda sing to yourself..”it’s my’s my birthday” because it really feels like opening a gift.

Heather the founder of FRO FIT MOM Brilliantly selected each Product in the kit to ease the hair care process after and in between workouts! Thank you FRO FIT MOM! I love it!!

Every product has a clean refreshing scent like the tropical Mango Papaya scrub. The scrub left my skin clean ,smooth and smelling sweet! A post workout shower and hair cleansing effortlessly became a mini pampering session!


The Full size products in the kit, allowed me to try each product several times and enjoy the benefits of them. Best of all each product is made by a Mom owned Business! Supporting other mothers is what I am all about. I didn’t realize there were so many fabulous mompernuers out there creating products for skin and hair!

The kit is excellent in many ways but there is one touch I would have liked to see in the kit. It would be great to have had something workout related in the kit. For example, a workout tip, fitness challenge , or healthy smoothie recipe.

I know that the Fro Fit team will only get better as this was the first set of boxes to go out. I plan and sticking with it and enjoying more FRO FIT Kits.

Sign on Join the Journey with me of maintaining healthy hair and healthy body! You can find the Fro Fit team on Instagram, and twitter!

Till next time!




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