Did you know there are 2.2 million home educated students in America?! Is your student one of 2.2 million? Mine are!


According to the National Home Education research Institute of the 2.2 million home educated students 220,000 are African-American.

220,000 is not a small number, and this number is growing! To my surprise when I began to search for curriculum and children’s books  that display diverse colors of people, I quickly realized they are difficult to find. I was looking for more than books on Martin Luther King Jr. He was a great man, we do learn about his life and great work, but there are many other leaders along with him I want my children to learn from.

My desire is to find , create, and share material that will help these 220,000+ brilliant students and their parents. Giving resources that show diversity in the characters, and Curriculum’s that explore leaders, warriors, men, women and inventors of all colors. I want to provide support , resources and encouragement for new and veteran parents on the Home Education journey.

Remember, Home Educators are not just those at home teaching their children during the day. NO way! All parents are home educators. Home is where most skills and beliefs are truly learned. If you supplement school work at home, if you enjoy reading as a family or would like to begin this place is also for you!

Let the Journey Begin!

Jacqueline Mukweto

Find me on Instagram , Facebook, Pinterest or Email me Mukweto@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I am truly impressed by your writing skill my sista!! :o)
    How do you keep up with 2 blogs? how often do you write anyway?

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