Total Body Work out

New Word New Day. I feel great after completing  Sunday’s  workout. It was pretty intense for day one. Today is also a long word but that is okay. You can do this once a day or more depending on your fitness level.Here is goes!


O-40 Jumping Jacks

B-20 crunches

E-1 min wall sit

D-15 Push ups

I- 30 Jumping Jacks

E- 1 min wall sit

N-25 Burpees

C- 30 squats

E-1 min wall sit

Let me know your thoughts on this workout, is it helpful?

Indoor Workouts for Rainy Days

I’m going to keep this brief. I found a great way to keep in shape during the winter months. No equipment required,no gym membership or going outside for that matter. It’s fun because Each workout has a word associated with it. Each word is a character trait that I will focus on for those few days. Every 3 days I will post the new word and new work out. This should be fun! Follow on Instagram for pictures of results.

Join me or share this with someone you think would like it! If you join in share it with me I am @mukweto on instagram and twitter. Here we go!!

AttentivenessHere is the workout:

A- 50 Jumping Jacks

T- 15 Squats

T-20 mountain climbers

E-1 min wall sit

N-25 Burpees

T-15 sqauts

I- 30 jumping jacks

V- 3 min wall sit

E- 1 min wall sit

N- 25 Burpees

E- 1 min wall sit

S- 30 Burpees

S- 30 Plank Jacks

That’s it! Did you do them all? I hope so!!

Homeschool Moms this could be a mini P.E. program kids can do this to! Leave me a comment when you finish and post a picture of you doing the work out! Leave your social media handle in the comments below and I will follow! Thanks for working out with me do this same workout each day for the next 3 days and I will see you wednesday with a new workout and new word!

3 Reasons to Switch from Paper to Cloth Napkins

1. Save money in the long run. I don’t know what your home dynamic looks like, but My Family of six using strong absorbent paper napkins go through an 8 pack within 10-12 days. The number varies if we have guests , more spills than usual , or messy meals during the week. At about $12.50 a pack we spend over $400 a year on paper napkins alone. Cloth napkins on the other hand once you make the initial one time Purchase of $25- $65, depending on how many you need. you can use the same set for several months or years. See the photo below aren’t they Lovely! Now Lets go to reason number 2!


2. Reduces your trash impact on the environment. It’s easy to think our families few bags of trash hardly matters in the big landfill picture . However, I challenge you to imagine if all 318 million people in the United states reduced  waste what a massive impact we have as a collective group. 318 million people each doing a little makes an enormous difference! We should lead the way!


3.  Bring back the art and beauty in everyday Dining. Adding a beautiful touch in a small detail, makes a significant difference. Your dining experience does not have to be expensive or uptight to be beautiful. The everyday meal moments can be elegant, beautiful, memorable, and classy simply by switching to quality cloth napkins.

I was pumped when I had my money saving light bulb moment. No more wasting money! Lets save money! While making a positive impact on the environment. You can restore the beauty and art of your meal times. Picnics, birthdays, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and packed lunches all mealtime moments made beautiful with cloth napkins.

mukNapkinsAfrI am sharing my love of cloth napkins with you. I think you will like them to! Get some inspiration and Purchase your set here! Also, Please share with a friend.

Thank you for visiting let me know in the comments or by hitting reply if you are reading by email. What re-usable products you recommend ?

How to win big in Homeschooling

It’s back to school season!!  For most Home-educators the back to school mindset and planning began months ago before the previous year even ended. Every year home-school parents search the web or attend conventions in search for the perfect curriculum.


At Homeschool Conventions you can feel the anxiety in the air, and see the doubt and uncertainty on faces, as the parents go booth to booth to hear the persuasive pitches of the vendors. Each parent in search for the miracle curriculum.

Searching for the curriculum that will make their child the best of the best. The miracle that will crack the calculus code and make them love math. The study that will build Mother Theresa like Character and develop strong faith in their child . No one wants to fail!

All this searching starts to make one feel some what inadequate and overwhelmed.

We start to forget WE are the Character building, math teaching, Rock stars!

The Person your children need is YOU !! Products and Curriculum are necessary but a healthy YOU is the foundation.

To win big with homeschooling the big work should not be on the curriculum first but on the teacher. That’s Right! You have to make sure you are in position to give, pour, teach, and invest in your children.

That means but is not limited to developing good financial habits, establishing better relational habits, exercise habits, sleep habits, etc.

To win big you have to get clear about what your ultimate goals are for yourself and your children. Only you can craft that. A mega curriculum company can not create convictions for you. Establish some strong why’s or convictions for Home schooling. You will need them when you get discouraged or need to be redirected.

To win big you have to know your needs and take care of your self. What I mean is know when you are most productive, what breaks you down, what refreshes you, what tasks fulfill  and know your limits. This way you can determine a curriculum based on what you are able to deliver well. A curriculum that will line up with your goals and beliefs. Knowing how and when you are most productive will allow you to do the most important work during those times, in order to feel accomplished each day. Knowing your limits will allow you to know when to draw back, pause and get refreshed.

I don’t want to over simplify the matter. I realize each family dynamic has many factors to consider. However, I want you to think of the most recent flight you were on and the instructions given in the event of a falling plane. You must put on your life vest and emergency oxygen system first. Once you have your equipment secure you are in the best position to help others.

Friends get secure in who you are and why you are homeschooling. You will be a better home-schooler for it.

I learned the hard way.  I made the mistake of buying products and curriculum to home school, but the person, me , the teacher was not ready. I didn’t invest in making sure I was being poured into, had rest, had confidence and time to do things I enjoyed prior to having children or homeschooling. Not taking care of you the teacher, the parent, the person, the mother, the father, FIRST will lead to burn out. You do not want to set your self on the path to burn out.

So please remember…

  1. Take care of yourself first. Invest in the Person (parent) first , Product (curriculum) next.
  2.  Get clear on your convictions, values, and goals and make a list. When doubt sets in and days get long,  look back at this list to put wind in your sails.

Keep Pressing forward. Thanks for reading .  I hope you found this helpful!

I would love to hear from you, share below some of your fears, doubts or reservations about homeschooling and how you over come!

10 Reasons you should be drinking Coffee

I call my coffee candy Coffee. Because I add butter, coconut oil, and Hazelnut or Caramel flavor to my coffee. I never have it black.
Latte MugSo here are the reasons you might want to drink coffee if you don’t already!

10. It gets blood flowing in the morning. Exercise or some Yoga is certainly Ideal  for getting blood flowing, however not all mornings work out so beautifully.
9. Coffee can take a headache away.
8. A little Coffee (black coffee) can help reduce the risk of certain diseases like gout, Type 2 diabetes, and Alzheimer’s. Take care of the body friends! **
7. Its Cheaper than a nanny, or personal assistant.
Let me tell you a nice hot grande sized double shot Latte keeps me sharp, attentive, chipper, creative and energetic. I can keep up with child 1-4, organize, hang with the husband after work, cook for the family, clean up, keep laundry going, and have some fuel left for late night crafting! ( ok, so that can’t go on for days without a severe crash and burn but if you have a full day it helps!)
6. Soothes Menstrual cramps! Enough said!
5. Everyone’s drinking it!

4. If you are like me and don’t like to drink milk its a great way to get a little extra calcium in your diet.
3.For the Coffee shop Experience. Local shops are the very best! Find one in your town and support them.
2.The right Candy Coffee creation tastes so good! I recommend mint white chocolate mocha or a coconut and hazelnut latte.
1. Some of the most memorable conversation are had over a cup of warm goodness. It is an inexpensive way to treat a friend and have rich conversation!
Hot or Cold? Candy or Black? How do you like your Coffee?

**Disclaimer: I am not a medical Doctor. This information should in no way be considered or used as medical advice.