Faith and Fitness

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Growing in this. Unfortunately sometimes I get severely shaken. Not because God has not been faithful or that he is not mighty. Shaken because I look at my weakness and forget that He is STRONGER than I.

F- 10 Burpees

A- 50 Jumping Jacks

I-30 Butt Kicks

T- 15 squats

H- 20 Squats

Easy day! Can you believe Christmas is right around the corner!

3 Reasons to Switch from Paper to Cloth Napkins

1. Save money in the long run. I don’t know what your home dynamic looks like, but My Family of six using strong absorbent paper napkins go through an 8 pack within 10-12 days. The number varies if we have guests , more spills than usual , or messy meals during the week. At about $12.50 a pack we spend over $400 a year on paper napkins alone. Cloth napkins on the other hand once you make the initial one time Purchase of $25- $65, depending on how many you need. you can use the same set for several months or years. See the photo below aren’t they Lovely! Now Lets go to reason number 2!


2. Reduces your trash impact on the environment. It’s easy to think our families few bags of trash hardly matters in the big landfill picture . However, I challenge you to imagine if all 318 million people in the United states reduced  waste what a massive impact we have as a collective group. 318 million people each doing a little makes an enormous difference! We should lead the way!


3.  Bring back the art and beauty in everyday Dining. Adding a beautiful touch in a small detail, makes a significant difference. Your dining experience does not have to be expensive or uptight to be beautiful. The everyday meal moments can be elegant, beautiful, memorable, and classy simply by switching to quality cloth napkins.

I was pumped when I had my money saving light bulb moment. No more wasting money! Lets save money! While making a positive impact on the environment. You can restore the beauty and art of your meal times. Picnics, birthdays, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and packed lunches all mealtime moments made beautiful with cloth napkins.

mukNapkinsAfrI am sharing my love of cloth napkins with you. I think you will like them to! Get some inspiration and Purchase your set here! Also, Please share with a friend.

Thank you for visiting let me know in the comments or by hitting reply if you are reading by email. What re-usable products you recommend ?

Catechism about The Lords Supper

What is the Lord’s supper?

The eating of bread and the drinking of wine to remember the sufferings and death of our Lord Jesus Christ

Mark 14:22-24


What does the bread represent?

The bread represents the body of Christ, broken for our sins

Matthew 26:26


What does the wine represent?

The wine represents the blood of Christ shed for our salvation

Matthew 26:27-28


Who should partake of the Lord’s supper?

Baptized believers who repent of their sins and love one another

Jude 1:12


Catechism Week 24 Ordinances

Why did Christ give these Ordinances?

to show that his disciples belong to him, and to remind them of what he has done for them

Matthew 28:19:-20


What is baptism?

The immersion of believers in water

John 3:23


What does baptism represent?

Baptism represents the union of a believer with Christ in his death, burial and resurrection and the washing away of sins

Galatians 3:26-27